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Here you will find links to other websites, articles and valuable information, all of which are relevant to Eco Dad Creations and what we're all about.

We do not have any vested interest in any of the businesses, companies or organisations that get a mention. We just feel that they're worth knowing about.

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Ok, so let's get the ball rolling...

What do I get for my money?

Some people are not particularly concerned about the environment and some people don't particularly care where stuff comes from or what it's made from. Eco Dad does. Annd we know that there are lots of other people out there who do too. Eco Dad Creations attract a 'premium' price for several reasons but our prices are not heavily laden with profit and we are not exploitative profiteers looking for a fast buck. We are genuinely concerned about the health and well being of the planet and our fellow man.

Using the highest quality, local materials is far more expensive than sourcing second-rate materials from somewhere overseas. Plus paying a fair wage in Australia costs more than it does to pay someone in many overseas countries. So while sourcing and using materials, components and ingredients that are safe for the environment and safe for you costs more than it does to use the lesser conventional alternatives, Eco Dad creations are individually handcrafted to the highest possible exacting standards.

So when you choose Eco Dad Creations, what do you get?

  • Products made with exceptional quality materials and , exceptional quality workmanship which are designed and built to last.
  • Substantial environmental benefits compared to conventional alternatives and dramatic personal benefits in the form of better health and well-being.
  • And, you get true peace of mind. Your conscience is clear because you have purchased a product that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to being safe, sustainable, great quality, local, environmentally conscious, natural and non-toxic.

Why does it take 14 working days?

We are a small business manufacturing everything to order 'in house'. Ensuring that our products are the best they can be takes a little longer. For example, the finishes that we use on our timber don't contain any petrochemical drying agents and so their cure time is longer than that of a petrochemical based conventional equivalent.

We don't have a manufacturing production line; everything is done by hand. Allowing 14 days gives us a chance to make sure everything is exactly as it should be before sending your product(s) out to you. Some products will occasionally be shipped sooner but as this is not something we can guarantee, 14 days allows us just the right amount of lead time we need. We will always keep you informed of your order's progress and encourage you to contact us if you'd like to know how things are going at any stage.

Our eco approach

Bromomethane (Methyl Bromide)
Methyl Bromide is a substance used by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service as a fumigant on almost all organic materials imported from overseas. The toxic residue of methyl bromide is retained within timber products and can cause skin reactions and other health problems.

Program For The Endorsement Of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC)
PEFC is the world's largest forest certification system. All Eco Dad Creations timber must be PEFC certified in order to make the cut.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
FSC is a not for profit organiszation that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. All of the pine timber that we use is renewable plantation timber and at least FSC certified.

Specialises in the production of organic cotton bedroom, bathroom and nursery products for those who suffer from chemical sensitivities, allergies or those who simply desire eco-friendly bedding. Organature products are a great accompaniment to the Eco Dad Creations beds.

Livos Australia
Though all of our products come as a standard natural oil finish, should your heart desire a painted finish then Eco Dad would suggest Livos paints for the job. Livos Australia offers natural, safe and eco friendly alternatives from conventional polyurethane, synthetic and chemical applications.

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